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Message from Ban Daisuke

Thank you for always supporting tokusatsu characters, “Jinzo Ningen Kikaida” and “Inazuman.”

I am confident that Japanese super hero TV shows from the 1970’s will be in our hearts forever. You can never tire of watching these shows time and again. If you have not watched the shows on DVD yet, please do so. You may be able to discover something new.

I am grateful, and always encouraged by your love for “Kikaida” and other tokusatsu shows. Please continue to inspire me in the new year.

My best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful new year!

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Ban Daisuke to attend the Big Wow ComicFest in San Jose, May 17 and 18!!

Ban Daisuke will be attending the Big Wow ComicFest in San Jose, May 17 and 18.  Ban will be featured with other tokusatsu greats from Japan; Kenpachiro Satsuma suit actor in the Godzilla series, and Satoshi Furuya the original suit actor for Ultraman.

In addition to his Hawaii appearances, Ban has participated in Comic Con in San Diego, Wonder Con in San Francisco, and Nisei Week in Los Angeles.  His latest movie role will be guesting in the brand new “Kikaida Reboot” movie, a joint production of Toei and Kadokawa Films, is scheduled for release this May.

Generation Kikaida’s friend and contributor, August Ragone will also attend, and conduct a panel discussion with the tokusatsu actors from Japan.  Ragone is known as the Bay Area Kaiju expert, widely known for his publication, “Eiji Tsuburaya:  Master of Monsters.”

Ban looks forward to meeting new fans and attendees of Big Wow ComicFest in May!

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The tokusatsu world in Japan is abuzz about the ‘KIKAIDA REBOOT’ movie premiering
on May 24, 2014 in Tokyo. Not exactly a remake, but the main characters Jiro, Mitsuko,
Masaru, Kikaida, Hakaida, Dr. Gill etal are present with a brand new cast. Ban Daisuke
guest stars as a professor. There will be lots of computer generated action scenes, as well
as real live action so families in Hawaii will be entertained for sure, but we haven’t heard
anything about usage of the original Kikaida theme song.
When the news broke in Japan, so many tokusatsu and anime sights, and even major
news outlets featured the story about the movie. The new Jiro and Mitsuko are played
by Irie Jingi and Satsukawa Manami, respectively, both up and coming popular actors on
their own.

Here are some of the trailers and feature stories on “Kikaida Reboot.”

90 second trailer

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Ban-san comes to Hawaii on Sunday, September 15th!

A “Japanese Superhero Mania” Festival will be held
at Shirokiya at the Ala Moana Center on September 15,
from 2:00-3:30 pm.

Kikaida DVD Vols. 1 – 9, Inazuman, Kikaida 01 and
Kamen Rider V3 Box Sets will be on sale.
New Kikaida products and T-shirt and Trucker Hat designs will also be offered
at one-day-only prices!

(photos from 2012 event)




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Kikaida Heartbeat on “Super Hero Taizen Z”

Some fans were lucky enough to view the pre-screeing of Toei’s Golden Week movie, “Super Hero Taisen Z.”

It’s reported that our super hero android appears at the end with a heartbeat! Draw your own conclusions.

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Monster Attack Magazine is taking pre-orders for their May, 2013 issue
A section in this issue will be devoted to Kikaida and goings-on in Hawaii.

The on-line version of Monster Attack has a nice piece on Ban written by Ed Holland.  Ed, who works and lives in Kita Kyushu, braved the weather in late January to attend Jungle’s talk show and autograph session with Ban.

Read all about it below:

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“Shi ga Hutari wo Wakatsu Made” Movie Soon on DVD!

Ban Daisuke is in Part 2 “Nanaka”
Reservations will be taken by January 21, 2013
at Lawson, HMV, Joysound Shopping Mall
DVD goes on sale on March 29th
For details, go to:

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Ban Daisuke Appearance Tokusatsu Hero Event in Kokura City, Kyushu

Sunday, January 27 at 2:00 pm
at AruAru City 2F Animakkusu Cafe
Presented by JUNGLE

See below for details:

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Ban-san Appearance at 2013 JCCH Ohana Festival


Join Ban-san at the Kikaida Store
on Sunday, January 13, 2013 at 11:30 am and 3:00 pm.

The JCCH Ohana Festival draws a crowd of thousands,
and offers food and craft booths, cultural activities, ethnic music,
rides and entertainment.

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Entertainment Hobby Shop JUNGLE celebrates the Grand Opening of JUNGLE AT AKIHABARA!

Ban-san will be a guest atJungle Akihabara on
Sunday, December 23, 2012
starting at 1:00 pm
Talk Show and Autograph Session

Details at:

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