Message from Ban Daisuke

Thank you for always supporting tokusatsu characters, “Jinzo Ningen Kikaida” and “Inazuman.”

I am confident that Japanese super hero TV shows from the 1970’s will be in our hearts forever. You can never tire of watching these shows time and again. If you have not watched the shows on DVD yet, please do so. You may be able to discover something new.

I am grateful, and always encouraged by your love for “Kikaida” and other tokusatsu shows. Please continue to inspire me in the new year.

My best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful new year!

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Ban_NY2014_EHAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!

May the new year bring happiness and peace
to you and your loved ones..

Best wishes for the New Year.

Ban Daisuke

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Thank you for your support during the past year.
I look forward to seeing you again this year.
Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year.

Ban Daisuke

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9/16/12 Event at Shirokiya

Thank you so much for attending the Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce Charity event at Shirokiya on 9/16/12, celebrating their 350th Anniversary. So many Kikaida and Kamen Rider V3 fans turned out, and we were overwhelmed by your enthusiasm. This time we had Miyauchi Hiroshi joining Ban Daisuke so the event was even bigger. The signing and picture-taking session was supposed to end at 3:30, but because of the crowd, we extended the session till 4:30.

“Kikaida” and “Kamen Rider V3” are no longer on TV so it’s amazing that there is still a young following viewing the series on DVD. More than the kids, dads were the ones who were excited about getting an autograph and photo with their childhood heroes.

A big mahalo to our sponsors, and especially to Shirokiya who ran print ads for the event, and arranging for MidWeek to give us a cover and story. Ban-san and Miyauchi-san willingly obliged to radio and TV interviews before and after the event. I am grateful that the two stars were so nice to local fans, 99% of whom do not speak Japanese. A good story tells it all, and language does not seem to be a barrier in viewing Kikaida and Kamen Rider V3.

I have known both Ban-san and Miyauchi-san for almost 40 years, so it’s neat to have a reunion for the Class of ’74-75. I always felt that way with 01 Ikeda Shunsuke-san. Ikeda-san said he’s reminded of the past whenever we drove by the Kapiolani and Kalakaua corridor, where Coco’s used to be. I think we went there after the show at HIC. The same for Miyauchi-san. He loves Pagoda, and simply cannot forget the taste of cold beer in a mug which he drank in 1975 after the Kamen Rider Show at HIC. Every time he comes to Hawaii, he insists on dining at Pagoda at least once. Ban-san doesn’t go crazy over buffet dinners; he’s more into teishoku dinners so just goes along for a ride. However, when two tokusatsu greats of the golden 70’s era, get together there’s much to talk about.

I would like to also thank my staff and crew of volunteers who always take our calls. The JNP staff worked so hard on posters and artwork, internet promotion, new Kikaida and Kamen Rider V3 goods, and putting the whole event together. I love you all!


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Blog by Hirayama Mitsuru

Hirayama Mitsuru (平山満)is the second son famed Toei producer, Hirayama Tohru.  The elder Mr. Hirayama is known for outstanding tokusatsu productions such as the “Kamen Rider” series, “Jinzo Ningen Kikaida,” “Go Ranger,” “Robot Keiji,” “Inazuman,” “Ganbare! Robocon,” “Kaiketsu Zubatto” to name a few.

Hirayama Tohru is now convalescing at hospital and son Mitsuru visits him regularly, and posts stories told by his dad on his blog.  Dad Hirayama has a wealth of information about the tokusatsu world of the mid-60’s through the late 70’s.  Mitsuru poignantly writes about his dad, and is a good listener, not missing a beat when dad goes on about the glory days of tokusatsu.

Here are some excerpts on the occasion of Kikaida’s 40th anniversary and on Ban Daisuke.

(The following are English translations of blog.)


On the Occasion of Kikaida’s 40th Anniversary by Hirayama Tohru as told to son Mitsuru:

“Jinzo Ningen Kikaida” was up against the highly rated “It’s 8:00 PM!” show in summer of 1972.  Although I was a graduate of Tokyo University with a degree in art history, I was not an artist.  However, I was full of confidence when conceiving storylines and the planning of TV productions.  I discussed the story and characters with Ishinomori Shotaro Sensei, and he immediately created “Jinzo Ningen Kikaida,” which became very dear to him.

The cast was headed by Ban Daisuke, and all cast members and staff put a lot of effort into the production.  By the 4th month of airing, according to my memory, “Kikaida” had garnered 16% of the viewing audience.

It’s been 40 years since the airing of “Kikaida” in Japan, and I have heard that “Kikaida” is still popular in Hawaii.  Ms. Ninomiya of Hawaii was the first to air “Kikaida” and “Kamen Rider” in Hawaii; and I was stunned to learn that Kikaida had garnered the highest ratings in its time slot back then!   I think this is because Hawaii and Japan has close ties, and its people love heroes who sacrifice themselves for the greater good.  The story also delved deeply into Jiro’s incomplete conscience circuit, which captured the hearts and minds of its viewers.  The primary colors of the characters are stunning, and we owe it to the genius of Ishinomori Sensei who gave us such a precious gift in “Kikaida.”  Some day, it is my wish to ask the people of Hawaii why they love Kikaida so much.

I heard that Hawaii is also celebrating Kikaida’s 40th anniversary this year.  Kikaida’s popularity has not waned, and Ban Daisuke is grateful to still be called, “Jiro!” at these events.

It was always a pleasant experience to be on the set of “Kikaida.”  Ishinomori Sensei himself told me that he holds much affection for this production.  “Kikaida” is one of the few shows that was produced with very little problems.

Lately, I learned that many young people are interested in producing tokusatsu shows.  I have a message for these budding producers.

To my “Young Comrades”:  Think not only of manga, but continue to read.  As you read, you will never run out of ideas.  Ishinomori Sensei read a lot of books.  I myself, was considered an avid reader, but could not overtake Ishinomori Sensei.  By reading, you will not only grasp at ideas, but you will become a deep thinker.  On the other hand, if you lack principles and ideals, you should not enter this field.

Let me repeat, “It’s not only manga, but be a reader.”

July 10, 2012

Hirayama Tohru


Today’s blog entry is on Ban Daisuke.  “Jinzo Ningen Kikaida” first aired in Japan 40 years ago, on July 8.

I ran into Ban-san last year at an “Ishinomori Spirits” event and other events since then.  Only July 6, I went to watch Ban-san in a stage production called “Nazorae-ya.”   Not being a theater goer, I didn’t make proper seat reservations, so ended up sitting on the extreme end of a row.  However, I enjoyed the show.

“Nazorae-ya” is part of a series.  Ban-san was the most seasoned among the young cast of actors.  There was a distinct difference in the delivery of his lines and speed of dialogue.  The first scene sounded like a classroom, and I couldn’t make out what the actors were saying.  Maybe it was because it was opening night, and there was tension in the air, but it was a shame not being able to decipher the lines.  It is the responsibility of the director to make sure that the lines are understood by the audience.  Ban-san is a cut above the rest.  Lines were delivered deep down from his abdomen.  i.e. he obviously used abdominal breathing, and it was easy to understand his lines.  He paused at the right places, used appropriate body language, and displayed the best qualities of an actor.

On Ban Daisuke’s stage performance by Mitsuru Hirayama


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